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Advanced technologies nearly led to global destruction during the Cold War. Now a mad scramble to build nuclear weapons has emerged among developing nations. In response, developed nations contemplate economy-draining missile defense systems while engaging in ill-defined "wars against terror." These simplistic responses to ever shifting "evils" demonstrate the futility of a global vision driven by primitive tribal impulses.

Having reached the third millennium, we finally have the technologies, agricultural resources, and social infrastructures necessary to bring about world peace. The only missing ingredient is our will. The ability to transcend the tooth-and-claw underpinnings of our basic nature is what separates us from the animal world. It is our most valuable gift. To realize our full potential, we must move beyond visceral, hardwired responses intended by nature for a far more primitive world.

The popularity of books and movies depicting mythic ethereal worlds demonstrates the ongoing desire for transcendent mystery and spiritual connection. Too often, established religions fail to meet these needs. They have become mired in xenophobia, rigid lifestyle dictates, and moralistic doctrine. The focus on compassion and a sense of wonder has fallen from their vision.

At the same time, science and spirituality appear to be converging, often posing the same questions that ancient wizards and seers once pondered when staring up at the night sky: "Why are we here, and what is our destiny?" From the big bang, to dark matter, to parallel universes, the sciences are increasingly finding that our world is a far more mysterious place than anyone could have imagined.

Science and religion have for too long been at odds. The union of scientific knowledge and spiritual intuition holds the key to our survival—by encouraging the recognition of our shared humanity and oneness of spirit. Genetic science demonstrates the narrow inconsequence of racial differences. And neuro-imaging has illuminated the universality of transcendent experience, regardless of religious belief system.

The exploration of consciousness and pursuit of the spirit is our destiny. It’s time to awaken. This is our childhood’s end.

~ Neoteric

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